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Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation

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Lake Udobnaya

The tour provides an excellent opportunity to watch the waterfowl, especially during autumn and spring migration.Lake Blagodatnoe one of the largest lakes of lagoon, which is a beautiful bowl, surrounded by mountains. From the sea the lake takes only a narrow pebble beach, which is in the storm washed away by waves, and a lake for some time has been reported with the sea.Dense thickets of shrubs and grasses on the banks of the lake, the forest on the slopes of the mountains - a place of many species of nesting birds. In the fall and spring on the lake rest and feed thousands of migrating birds, including species listed in the Red Book.In the area of ​​the lake, you can see traces of wild animals: elk, wild boar, roe deer they go to the lake in the morning and evening hours.The oak forests are found traces of life foxes, badgers, raccoon dogs. Steppified Meadow create a green carpet pink-flowering plants: thyme Terneisky, fescue, etc. Palibin edelweiss.From the high terraces, between the lake and the sea, where traces of human settlements, panoramic view of the entire lake and lagoon.The trail is intended for visitors from 10 years, as well as specialist botanists, ornithologists, zoologists, etc.Method of transportation: on foot.The total route length: 3.5 km.Time: 2-3 hours.

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